Take A Look Inside Trump’s $100 Million Dollar Private Jet

Trump spent millions upgrading this old dinosaur into a luxurious mile high penthouse

Donald Trump has been in a lot of heat ever since he became the president of the United States. Putting the controversies aside, one cannot deny how rich and successful he is as a businessman. At the time of writing this, Trump’s net worth is estimated to be $3.1 billion dollars. As a real estate mogul, casino owner, co-owner of Miss Universe, host of the hit TV show The Apprentice for 14 seasons, and now President of the U.S., it’s hard to argue he’s had his fair share of success.

One of Donald Trump’s biggest purchase was his private jet bought in 2011 for $100 million dollars. After purchasing, he spent several millions more upgrading it to match his lavish lifestyle.

The History of Trump’s Private Jet

The factory of Boeing building a 747-200.
The Boeing 757 being assembled at the factory

The private jet is a Boeing 757-200 that was manufactured in 1991. It was first used by Sterling Airlines, then in 1995, Microsoft executive Paul Allen purchased it and used it as a corporate jet. In 2011, trump purchased it and spent millions turning this old dinosaur into a luxurious mile high penthouse.

The private jets role in the 2016 presidential campaign

Donald Trump standing in front of his private jet giving a speech before he became president.
Donald Trump During the 2016 Presidential campaign

Donald Trump’s Private Jet served its purpose well, flying the President around during his 2016 campaign. He was the only candidate to own a private jet, which was said to give him a competitive advantage.

It’s estimated that Donald Trump spent a total of $2 Million on air travel during the 2016 presidential campaign. This is 3 times more than Hillary Clinton.

Using this plane as a strategic tool during his presidential campaign, his private jet landed the nick name, Trump Force One.

Trump Force One Vs. Air Force One

Statistics showing the difference between trump force one and air force one.

As the President of the United States, he has temporarily put his private jet aside and now flies even higher class in the Air Force One. The Air Force One can hold 70 passengers and cruise at air speeds up to 701 MPH. This is a jump from the Trump Force One which can only fly 43 passengers and cruise up to 609 MPH.

This extra space and speed does come with a cost though. While Trump’s Private Jet costs about $10,000 an hour to fly, the Air Force One costs upwards of $200,000 an hour.

A Look Inside Trump’s Private Jet

Inlaid gold throughout the meeting area in Trumps Boeing 757.

When Trump originally purchased this jet in 2011, it could seat 239 passengers. After an extensive remodel with master suites, entertainment lounge, and multiple guest bedrooms, it can now comfortably fly 43 passengers. This private plane is now the 8th most expensive privately owned jet in the world.


The Rolls Royce twin engines on the Trump Force One.
Trump’s Private jet is powered by two Rolls Royce Engines

It’s powered by Rolls Royce Twin Engines with a total estimated 133,000 horsepower that keeps this jet performing great at high elevation.

Everything is 24k Gold

Not to exaggerate but its accent colors are gold. Well technically, its 24-carat gold plated. The pillows, bathroom, and even the curtains are inlaid with gold. Upon viewing the airline seat, look closely and one will see that the seatbelts are plated with gold. Also, engrained in the headrest, is his family’s crest.

The Cockpit

A inside look of the cockpit of Donald Trumps private jet and crew.
The cockpit and crew inside of Trump’s private jet

At the nose of the aircraft, the pilot and co-pilot enjoy the flight with a modern glass cockpit. It is said to have large computer monitors that shows the flight’s information.

The Kitchen

The kitchen inside of Donald Trumps private jet.
Custom wood paneled cabinets throughout the kitchen of jet

Heading to the wood-paneled galley (the kitchen in an aircraft), anyone is free to cook up a meal or make drinks. As for the dining area, located in the middle of the jet, it has several chairs and a sofa for food and business meetings.


a big flat screen on the wall and theater system in Trumps Boeing 757.
A 57″ flats screen and surround system is located in the entertainment room

As for entertainment, the living room or main lounge of the aircraft has something called The Multiplex Movie System with full surround sound. If one feels bored, there’s also a personal TV screen on each chair for personal entertainment. Also, the seats can be converted into beds

Also, at the edge of one of the sofas, a wireless and touch screen remote controls the devices inside the plane. There is even a T button that shows Trump’s favorite movies to watch.

Donald trumps personal remote control that access all the controls on the plane.
Trump’s personal remote that controls various functions inside the plane

For the guest’s room, there is another flat screen TV and two couches on both sides that can also be transformed into a bed.

Master Bedroom

Inside Trumps master bedroom in his private jet

Heading into the master’s bedroom where Mr. Trump rests for a long flight, you will find a 24k gold silk-lined bed set, pillows, and even golden inlaid curtains. The pillows also have embroideries of Trump’s family crest. Furthermore, his room even has its own 57” big-screen entertainment system.

Master Bathroom

The inside of Donald Trumps gold plated bathroom in his private jet.

Finally, in the master’s bedroom, this is where the 24-carat sink could be found. Plus, the place has a shower! Nothing screams luxury more than having a golden sink and shower in a $100 million dollar jet.

But to summarize the rooms in the jet, one thing is truly evident… it looks as if it was made for a king. 24k gold is spread throughout every area inside of this plane.

Also, Trump made sure that there was no lack of entertainment, having three huge TVs in the plane and over 20 personal ones on every airline seat.

Donald Trump surely knows how to fly with style. What do you think about Trump’s $100 million private jet?

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