5 Teens Who Started From Nothing and Made Millions

These Teens Started Online Companies and Made Millions Before Graduating High School

Cameron Johnson

Many people have been entrepreneurs for years, and still haven’t made their first million. There are some who seem to have super natural abilities when it comes to making millions. And even more impressive, others have done it before graduating high school.

Most teens are known to spend their time playing video games and messing around. Not all of them though. Some have taken their ideas and exploded them something bigger than what they could ever imagine.

Here are 5 top teens that made their first million while still in school:

Adam Hilderth

Adam Hildreth Makes Millions As Teen And is Now Worth $40 Million

When Adam Hilderth was only 14 years old he created his company known as Dubit. This is a social networking website based in the UK. It became an instant success and in 2004, it was among the most popular social networks. This earned Hildreth good money and by 2005, he had made $4 million.

At 23, he was the wealthiest person according to a rich list of young people compiled by Sunday Times in the UK. Today, he is worth almost $40 million and has been honored for his achievements with many awards.

Juliette Brindak

Juliete Brindak Starts Miss O And Friends When She Was Only 10

Juliet Brindak got a business idea that earned her millions when she was only ten years old. She created a website called Miss O and Friends, a site that targeted teenage girls. The site contains celebrity gossip, quizzes, games, and many feature articles. Besides this, she also launched Miss O and Friends Books.

Brindak got support from her family and especially from her exceptionally talented graphic designer mother. Her father is a businessman and he managed the company helping lead it to immense success. In 2012, Brindak’s website was listed as the third most significant website for teen girls. Currently, it receives more than 10 million visits every month.

Brindak is the CEO of Miss O and Friends Company. She has managed to keep the site relevant by providing what teen girls are looking for. Brindak also gives out expense paid trips for girls to watch their favorite musicians and celebrities performing live. Today, she estimated to be worth about $15 million.

Cameron Johnson

By 15 Years Old Cameron Johnson Was Making $400,000 Per Month

At the age of only five years, Cameron Johnson started showing his entrepreneurial skills by selling vegetables to neighbors. He launched Cheers and Tears at the age of 9, a greeting card company. The business was based in his home and was making over $50,000 annually by the time he was 12.

He expanded his investments when he bought the 30TY Beanie Babies and made ten times more selling them via eBay. Cameron went ahead and legitimized his business by purchasing the dolls at a wholesale price and sold them in his site Cheers and Tears and eBay.

Later on, Cameron invested $50,000 to start My EZ Mail, which is an email forwarding service. It was an instant success and earned him $3000 within a month through advertising revenues. Cameron’s other project was known as Surfingprizes.com.

 It was an advertising service and the business catapulted his income significantly. At the age of 15, he was making $400,000 per month. He became a multi-millionaire before graduating from high school.

Ashley Qualls

By 17 Years Old, Ashley Quall was worth over $1 Million Dollars

Ashley Qualls created a site known as whateverlife.com. It was a multi-million idea that she nurtured from her home as a leisure activity. She simply added her photos and graphics to the site, and it turned viral, which gave people free layouts for MySpace and HTML tutorials for tweens. Since tweens made a significant percentage of people using MySpace, they used her site to learn how to create designs for stunning social profiles.

She earned from adverts because everything else was free. This led to increased traffic and sometimes, her site got more traffic than Cosmo and Seventeen. It became a huge success and the time she turned 17, she was a millionaire. Qualls success was different from other teen millionaires; she didn’t sell anything to become one.

John Magennis

By 16 Years Old, John Was Worth Several Million From Web Design Company

John learned how to build and design websites online. He was only 14, but his work was excellent and back in the 90s, he used to charge $15 to create a site. A word about his excellent work spread and John made as high as $30,000 per website.

By the time he turned 16, he was worth several millions. His company designed websites for more than 500 websites for successful companies in the 90s when .com was a boom. Currently, he is a well-known TV producer for shows such as The Bachelor as well as a professional speaker.

These teens are proof that anyone can be successful regardless of age. Need more motivation to reach your dreams?

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