10 Craziest Things Bought By Billionaires

Life of the rich shows just what you can buy if you are a billionaire

What would you do if you had more money than you could ever spend in a lifetime? Travel the world and visit every country? Donate huge amounts to charity? Buy the largest collection of gold chains and start rapping about your lifestyle? Maybe you could buy a mansion, put a moat around it and fill it with hungry alligators to protect that fat stack of cash?

Either way, we all dream of the day we can live large, relax on the beach, and never have to worry about money again.

A million sounds like a lot of money. But could you imagine a billion? That’s one thousand million dollars…

To put into perspective just how much of a difference a Million dollars is compared to a Billion, lets do some math.

The Difference Between $1 Million and $1 Billion

If you had a million dollars and decided to spend $1 every second, assuming you never slept, you would run out of money in 12 days. A million wouldn’t even last you two weeks…  Better start pawning all those gold chains you wasted your money on.

But if you were a billionaire, things would be much different. If you spend $1 dollar every second of every day, it would take you 32 years before you ran out of money. If you’re net worth was 3 billion dollars, one of your grandkids could spend $86,400 a day for 96 years before he ran out of money.

Now that’s some serious bacon.

A billionaire isn’t even on the same playing field as a millionaire. Heck, they aren’t even on the same planet. They are astronomically richer than 99% of people that have ever lived on planet earth.

So, what is a billionaire to do with all this green?

Buy the most ridiculous things you have ever seen of course.

Here are 10 billionaires who have bought some of the most expensive and craziest things in the world.

1. The Most Expensive Home in The World

27 Ft Mansion is the most expensive home
The Most Expensive Home In The World

If you’re a millionaire then owning a huge mansion is a staple of your success. But if you’re a billionaire then you just might desire something a little bigger. How about 21 stories bigger. Indian businessman Mukesh Ambani decided he wanted a house that towered like Godzilla over every other building.

And if you’re worth over $45 Billion dollars, then you can have any home you want. As it turns out, he wanted a 21-story skyscraper looking down on Ultimate Road, one of the world’s most expensive streets.

Not only is it 21 stories, each level has double high ceilings making this home as tall as most 40 story buildings.  Inside this home you will find pure luxury. Ambani’s humble abode boasts a 50 seat theater, a grand ballroom, a spa, multi-level gardens, a temple, a 2 story recreation center, and more diamond décor than most people would think possibly exists.

The total cost to build this home was about $1.2 Billion dollars making it the most expensive home of all time.

2. A 14ft Shark… Corpse?

14ft Shark Corpse Purchased for $8 Million
Steve Cohen Purchases Shark Corpse for $8 Million

In 2005, hedge fund manager Steve Cohen bought a 14-foot tiger shark corpse. As a huge art and oddity collector, this is definitely not the most expensive things he owns, but it’s probably the most bizarre.

The sculpture is called The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living. It was originally created by artist Damien Hirst and was first sold for $93,000. Just 13 years later, Steven Cohen picked this up for a whopping $8 Million Dollars.

It’s been estimated that Steve’s art collection is worth over a billion dollars. His collection includes a painting from Pablo Picasso that he bought for $155 million, the Willem de Kooning painting at $137.5 million, and a bronze sculpture from Alberto Giacometti purchased for over $100 million dollars.

3. $24,000 A Month on Haircuts

Sultan of Brunie
The man spends $24,000 a month on his haircut

The average guy probably spends $15 – $20 every time he gets a haircut. If your Steve Harvey then you spend $2000 per haircut for your favorite barber to travel with you. But if you’re the Sultan of Brunei, you can afford the most expensive haircuts in the world.

Hassanal Bolkiah found his favorite hair stylist back in the early 90’s.  After getting a haircut from him, he refused to have anyone else cut his hair. Every month he flies his favorite barber out in first class, has him stay in 5-star hotels, eats gourmet food, and pays him thousands of dollars for a simple trim.

There’s nothing special about his hair. It’s just a simple comb over. In total with the cost of the 7,000-mile round trip, hotel accommodations, and food, Hassanal pays about $24,000 for one simple haircut.

4. A Golden Throne 18,000ft High

Donald Trumps Private jet
Take a look inside of Donald Trump’s $80 Million Dollar Private Jet

Whether you love Donald Trump or hate him, one thing is for sure… He’s very rich. It’s estimated his net worth is to be around $3 Billion dollars. With this kind of money, you don’t just buy a private Bowing 757 jet, you customize this thing to the max.

After purchasing this private jet for $100 million dollars and boldly displaying his name, TRUMP across the front of the plane, he decided this was too small of a statement. He wanted to customize his new plane to reflect his personality.

His private jet is decked out with gold silk from wall to wall and the chamber is littered with gold pillows and gold linings. Even the seat belts are plated in 24K gold. I guess safety without style is not safety at all. But it’s the bathroom that turns this rich person’s jet into something a little more spectacular.

Donald Trump’s private bathroom features a gold circular shower, a gold sink and faucet, a mirror lined with gold, and of course a golden throne for him to feel like he’s a king when wiping with golden laced toilet paper 18,000 feet in the air.

5. Photo of Billy The Kid

Billy The Kid Standing with Gun
Billy The Kid Photo Sells for $2 Million at Auction

Now a days a simple search on Google can provide you with thousands of photos from anyone who is famous. Of course, camera’s have only existed for a little over a century and so pictures of famous people from over 100 years ago are damn near impossible to find, if they even exist.

But no matter how rare these old photos are, if you’re a billionaire then you can afford to buy anything you want. That’s exactly what William Koch did. As an old cowboy fan, William went to a wild west action and found an old photo of Billy the Kid taken around 1879. It’s the only proven photograph of Billy in existence.

Before the action, experts estimated this photo would sell for around $300,000 dollars. William Koch had no desire to engage in a bidding war and so as soon as it went to action, he set his initial bid at $2,000,000. This snuffed out all the competition and he took home this rare photo. Not a bad price tag for one picture that’s no bigger than a credit card eh?

6. The Most Expensive Book in The World

Book written by Leonardo DaVinci is most expensive book in the world
Leonardo DaVinci’s Codex Leicester Sells for $30.8 Million Dollars

Leonardo DaVinci was truly ahead of his time in terms of scientific knowledge. Many of his scientific writings can be found scribbled in a book called the Codex Leicester. Inside the Codex are 72 pages of doodles and writings from DaVinci’s findings.

This one of a kind book would set you pack a pretty penny, but not if you’re a billionaire. As a DaVinci fan and rare book collector, Bill Gates wanted to own this book and forked over a measly $30.8 million dollars to obtain it.

This made the Codex the single most expensive book in history.

7. Becoming Batman

Original Batmobile from Batman Returns
The Original Batmobile Sells for $250,000

For some billionaires, having that kind of money gives you the opportunity to live out your childhood dreams. And as a young boy, Samuel Kathy, founder of Chic Filet, always dreamed of being batman. Since being batman would take a lot of time and late nights fighting crime, he settled on the next best thing… owning the Batmobile.

As an avid car collector, Samuel set his sites on owning the original Batmobile from the 1992 film Batman Returns. He picked up Bruce Wayne’s favorite automobile for a low price of only $250,000. Not bad considered a regular Lambo would set you back about $350,000.

Of course, if you can own the Batmobile then you just don’t have one of your assistance pick it up to store it in a garage. Especially if you are a billionaire. Samuel decided to pick up the car and drive it home himself dressed as Batman, his favorite cape crusader.

Look out Joker, there’s a new sheriff in town.

8. Seeing Your Name on the Moon               

Sheikh Hamad name on prive Island
Sheikh Hamad Spends Millions to Carve Name on Private Island

Imagine being so rich you can create a sign with your name on it that’s so big you can see it from space. Sheikh Hamad, a multi billionaire member of the Abu Dhabi’s ruling family did just this. He has always shown off his wealth in extravagant ways, but this may be the most extravagant.

Hamad hired a team of engineers to carve his name on his private island. He carved his name so large, it was over 2 miles long and half a mile wide. Not only this, he created a canal where the ocean tide would come in and fill his name making it even more visible.

His goal was to make his name visible from the moon. No one really knows why he did this but it’s said he wanted to shout his name to the heavens. One thing is for sure, he has a lot of money and too much time on his hands. It’s estimated this little venture set him back about $5 million dollars.

9. Exploring The World Below

James Cameron in his custom built submarine
James Cameron Spends Millions to Build Custom Submarine

Some billionaires love to collect planes, others cars. But if you love submarines and you’re a famous director such as James Cameron, then you collect, well… submarines.

Instead of spending his time on weekend submarine expeditions, James decided he wanted to explore the deep ocean frontier in style. As a marine and ocean fanatic, he didn’t just go to a submarine dealer and buy one (do those exist?), he actually built one. 

James and his team put together a top of the line submarine weighing in at 11 tons and 23 feet long called the Challenger. While we don’t know exactly how much he spent, a submarine of this size costs about $1.5 million dollars.

And if you own your own submarine and love the ocean what do you do? You venture down to the deepest depths known to man of course. James used his home-built submarine to dive 7 miles to the Marianna Trench and is only the second person in the world to reach this depth.

10. Owning A Piece of Paradise

Private Resort on Larry Ellison's Private Island
Larry Ellison Hawaii Island Purchases for $300 Million

For a billionaire, owning your own island isn’t exactly unheard of. But when that island is an entire chunk of Hawaii, that’s a much different story. Billionaire Larry Ellison, the founder of Oracle visited the island of Lanai and like most tourist, fell in love with it.

But if you’re a billionaire tourist and find an island you love, you don’t just schedule next years family vacation to go there. No, you just buy the entire island. And that’s exactly what Larry Ellison did. After visiting this place, he forked out a whopping $300,000,000 to own 98% of the Lanai island.

You can’t be a billionaire, buy an island and then call it a day though. After purchasing the island, he spent several hundred more million completely renovating this place with a new 4 seasons resort including a penthouse, water filtration system, golf course, and an Olympic sized swimming pool.

He didn’t just keep this island to himself though. This place is open to the public. So if you’re thinking of where to spend your next vacation this place of paradise might just be it.

Just make sure you saved some doe. A one night stay in his luxury resort will set you back about $21,000 per night.

So, after going through this list and seeing the 10 craziest things billionaires bought, have any ideas of what you would do if you were a billionaire?

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